Godzilla 11 and 12 sneak-peak and Ditko’s Konga

Godzilla 11 from IDW- publishing date March 13, 2013— Boxer’s Crew teams up with Godzilla?








Godzilla 12- IDW Comics- Publishing Date- April 24, 2013 —-Will Godzilla’s alliance with Boxer hold as he prepares to face his deadliest foe, or will Boxer be his downfall?


Steve Ditko’s Monsters: Konga! from IDW. – a 300+ page compendium of Ditko’s giant simian- cover shows Konga taking on a Nazi army- Publishing in May 2013—

For More Information on Konga, check out Schulz Library Blog’s Cartoon Studies page on Ditko’s Konga- it contains a terrific background study and features art of  Gorgo and Reptilicus as well- http://www.cartoonstudies.org/schulz/blog/steve-ditkos-konga-the-lonely-one/

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